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12 Ways to Make Money Online, Offline, and at Home

How To Make Money Online the most trendy question of 2024. The sting of inflation may have you wondering how to earn some more money. If you have the time and energy, you can put your skills and interests to use with a side hustle.

Earn Money Flex has compiled a list of 25 legitimate ways to earn money at home, online, or while out and about. We give facts about each potential side job, such as how to get started, the age restrictions, and how quickly you can be paid. While most individuals want to generate money quickly, don’t overlook “slow” gigs, which may pay more in the long term.

How To Make Money Online

Here are Top ways of “how make money online”

1. Pick up freelance work online

Make money online using platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and These websites provide opportunities for a variety of freelance work, including writing, programming, design, marketing, data entry, and virtual assistant. Do you speak another language fluently? Check out sites like Gengo or Blend Express, or create your own website to generate leads. No matter what kind of freelancing you do, keep track of the going rate for the type of work you provide so you know how much to charge. Learn how to get started with Upwork.

Total time: Finding your first job might be time-consuming.
Setup time: 24-48 hours.
Start-up is simple if you have the necessary expertise.
How quickly you’ll be compensated varies by site.

2. Test websites and apps is another website where you may make money from home. You are rewarded for your feedback on how effectively — or not so well — certain websites and apps perform. To get accepted, you must first pass a brief test, after which you will be paid depending on the type of test.

Total Time: Approval time can vary.
Setup time: Less than an hour.
How easy it is to get started: If you have the necessary technology and finish a sample test.
Age limit: 18 years or older.
Payment time: 14 days.

Note: You must complete a sample test as part of the application procedure.

Once your application has been approved, you will begin receiving testing opportunities.

Approval timelines can vary.

Payment amounts vary according to the length of the tests. After completing a website or app test, you will receive payment via PayPal within 14 days.

You must be at least 18.

You need a computer, an internet connection, and a microphone.

Mobile app testers also require an Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

The practice test and most user testing require English, German, or French; some test chances may be available in other languages.

3. Learn how to use AI tools.

The usage of generative artificial intelligence is increasing. According to a recent PwC analysis, the AI market will have an economic impact of $3.7 trillion in North America by 2030.

So now is the best moment to learn how to make money with AI tools. Some AI-related side hustles include the following:

As a freelancer, you can integrate AI tools to help you produce digital products or modify AI content for clients.

Improving the promotion, marketing, and management of your current small business.

Teach others how to use AI tools.

Total time depends on demand.
Setup time is approximately 24-48 hours if using a site such as Upwork or
How easy to get started: If you’re already familiar with AI technologies, you’ll have an easier time getting started. requires an age of 16 or older, while Upwork requires an age of 18.
How quickly you will be paid varies depending on the client, the number of things you sell, and the platform you choose.

Need to know.
Give yourself time to become acquainted with using AI technologies.

You must meet the requirements of the freelance gig site that you choose.

Payment is subject to your client’s and the site’s terms and conditions.

You will need a computer, an internet connection, and a microphone.

4. Complete surveys for money.

make money online

You can get money from home by doing internet surveys but don’t expect to make much. Survey sites rarely pay well, and many are better suited for earning gift cards than cash. Swagbucks and Survey Junkie are among the most popular survey sites. Read our review of survey sites to see which one is best for you.

Total time: It will be a while.
Setup takes only minutes.
Very easy to get started. Simply register and begin.
Age range: 13 to 18+.
How quickly you’ll be compensated varies by site.

Need to know.
Survey sites could be a good way for novices to make money online because they allow you to sign up and start taking surveys in minutes.

The time it takes to get paid varies depending on the survey site and the amount of effort you devote to taking surveys.

Some websites allow you to cash out only after you reach a certain earnings threshold.

Other survey websites offer points that can be exchanged for cash (via PayPal) or gift cards.

Most survey sites have a minimum age limit ranging from 13 to 18 (depending on the site), making them a good way for kids to get money online.

Individual surveys may have particular needs. Don’t be surprised if you’re disqualified from a survey without any reason.

5. Earn money from your site with affiliate connections.

If you’re a blogger with a decent following, you may make money by joining an affiliate network. Affiliates (you) are paid when someone clicks over from the website to the partner site and purchases something. Some bloggers earn a lot of money this way, especially those who do affiliate marketing full-time. Learn more about affiliate marketing and other ways that bloggers can earn money.

Total time: Building an audience can be time-consuming.
Setup: With blog templates, creating a website is simple.
How easy it is to get started: While getting started is simple, producing consistent material may be more difficult.
Age requirement: Any.
The average payment time is a month or two.

Need to know.
First, you’ll need a blog, social media account, or other online presence that attracts a steady stream of visitors each month.

Then, you must apply to and get accepted by an affiliate marketing network, such as CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, FlexOffers, Rakuten Advertising, or Amazon Associates.

Payment dates and thresholds vary every affiliate network but anticipate receiving your first paycheck in at least a month or two.

Amazon Associates pays rewards 60 days after the calendar month in which they were earned.

ShareASale distributes earnings on a monthly basis.

A blog, social media account, or other online presence that generates a constant stream of traffic.

6. Sell your products on Etsy.

Do you enjoy woodworking, jewelry making, embroidery, or pottery? Sell your products on Etsy, the popular marketplace for craftspeople selling home items, art, and knickknacks. According to Etsy, the company has 95 million active shoppers and will generate over $13 billion in retail sales in 2022. Learn more about how to earn money on Etsy.

Total time: It could take a long for customers to find you.
Setup: It can be fairly involved.
How easy to get started: The difficulty meter is leaning towards “hard”.
Age requirement: 13 years or older.
Payment times range from the next day to seven days after a sale.

Need to know.
The easiest part is setting up an Etsy shop. It can be finished in a few hours.

The preparation work before opening a shop takes longer. You will need products to sell, images and descriptions to post, a name for your shop, and a business plan to help you thrive. Once that is completed, you will still need to find consumers. Depending on what you’re selling, this could take weeks, so expect the overall duration of your gig to be slow.

When you sell an item, the payment is first placed into your Etsy Payments account, then to your bank account, according to your preferred deposit schedule.

If you are over 13 but under 18, you can sell on Etsy, but you will be considered a minor and must adhere to additional regulations.

You must have the essential rights to the items sold in your business.

7. Generate advertising revenue from your blog or YouTube channel.

Convert your cat videos into cash videos. If your YouTube videos or blog entries have a large audience, you may be able to earn money through advertising. If you wish to add adverts to your channel, YouTube requires that you have 1,000 subscribers before applying to the YouTube Partner Programme. With 500 subscribers, you may apply for further monetization features such as channel memberships. You can also utilise Google AdSense, the same ad platform as YouTube, to display relevant adverts on your blog or website to generate money. Learn more about how to make money on YouTube with Google AdSense.

Total time: It may take many weeks to get up and running.
The setup is fairly simple.
How easy it is to get started depends on your ability to create compelling videos.
Age limit: 18 years or older.
How quickly you’ll be paid: It could take a long time to earn the first reward, followed by regular payments.

Need to know.
Signing up for Google AdSense is simple, but to utilise it with YouTube, you must be a member of the Partner Programme.

AdSense can be used on websites or blogs that have fewer qualifying conditions.

Allow at least two months for ad money to begin coming in.

You must earn at least $100 to be eligible for a reward.

Once you reach $100, earnings are distributed between the 21st and 26th of the following month.

Your own website, which has been live for at least six months.

YouTube requires at least 1,000 subscribers.

You must be at least eighteen.

Earn Money by filling Online surveys

By Earn Money Flex

How to make money from home

Some side hustles don’t even require you to leave your home. If they do, it could be as simple as going for a brief stroll around the block with a dog. Working from home necessitates some ingenuity as well as a strong work ethic. Here are some fantastic ideas for side gigs at home.

8. Sell your unused gift cards

Make additional money by selling unused or partially used gift cards on websites such as CardCash or GiftCash. CardCash states that it will pay you up to 92% of the card’s worth, or you can trade it in for one that you will use. Learn more about what to do with rejected gift cards.

Total time: Minutes if your gift card is for a popular store.
Easy setup.
How simple to begin: The more gift cards you have to sell, the better.
Age requirement: Old enough to have a credit card.
Payment time ranges from a few days to two weeks.
Need to know.
Sites such as CardCash and GiftCash provide fast offers or quotes.

You can sell gift cards at kiosks and participating retail locations for cash on the same day, or try to sell them online. The latter takes longer, but you may receive a higher value for your gift card.

Your gift card may require a minimum amount to be resold. Not every card will create an offer.

Gift cards with expirations may not be eligible.

9. List your spare bedroom on Airbnb

Renting out your home or spare bedroom on vacation rental websites is another option for making extra money. Be prepared to spend some money cleaning and maintaining the property, replacing household items, and paying for service costs. Before you begin, carefully review your rental agreement, HOA rules, and zoning or other restrictions.

Total time: Demand drives success, which varies depending on your region.
Setup: A listing can be generated and made online within hours.
How easy to begin: If you have a place to rent, the process is easy.
Age limit: 18 years or older.
How quickly you will get paid: One day or more following check-in.
Need to know.
You can establish a listing and begin accepting reservations that same day.

Payment is normally disbursed 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in time, however, the processing time varies depending on the payout type.

Comply with any restrictions that govern short-term or vacation rentals on your property, including city ordinances and rules imposed by your landlord, condo board, or homeowners association.

How to make money offline

There are ways to make additional money online and at home, as well as a third option: working offline. This version of the gig economy may take more work, but the benefits can be significant. Since it’s impossible to avoid the internet these days, some of these offline approaches do involve online components:

10. Sell gently used clothing.

A woman earns additional money by selling her clothing.
Selling things you no longer wear is an easy method to earn money. Start with local consignment stores to earn money quickly, or utilise services like ThredUp and Poshmark to locate customers. When listing products online, take clear, well-lit images of your items and research related items to determine competitive pricing. Get advice on selling your clothing.

Total time varies per sales channel.
Setup is simple and fast. Simply go to a consignment shop or fill a box with clothes and mail it in.
Easy to get started. The most difficult task may be cleaning out the wardrobe.
Poshmark’s age threshold is 13, while ThredUp’s is 18.
How quickly you’ll be paid varies by sales channel.
Need to know.
There are various options to sell secondhand clothing and accessories, but they are all quite quick to get started.

Fast: A physical consignment store, such as Plato’s Closet, will pay you cash right away.

Medium: Other in-person and online consignment stores will pay you when your items sell or when they receive and inspect them. In either case, expect your payout to take at least a month.
Shoes, apparel, and accessories are gently worn.

Before an item is accepted, it must pass through several examinations. For example, ThredUp inspects products for pilling, fading, shrinkage, missing elements (such as buttons), and stains.

Exchange old phones and equipment for cash.
Have you got an old phone, iPad, laptop, or gaming device laying around? Sell it on websites such as Swappa, Gazelle, or Facebook Marketplace. Check out Amazon’s trade-in programme, which compensates participants in Amazon gift cards — and eBay as well. If you’re in a hurry, try an ecoATM kiosk, which provides cash on the spot for your smartphone.

Total time: There are several alternatives, therefore your time spent will vary.
Easy to set up.
Easy to start, especially if your phone is in decent condition.
Age requirement: Typically 18; verify the terms of service.
How quickly you’ll be paid varies depending on where you sell.
Need to know.
Selling directly (Swappa, OfferUp, or Facebook Marketplace): In most situations, you take images of the phone, verify that the electronic serial number is correct, and then post your item. Some sites examine and approve postings, although the time required is low. Fees vary. Swappa, for example, charges 3% in seller fees.

Selling to resellers (Gazelle): Answer a few questions online to receive a quick price. Then send in your equipment and receive compensated once the company confirms that it is in the condition indicated.

Selling directly: When you are paid is determined by how soon your phone or device sells. Payment is received quickly after the item sells.
A used phone, laptop, gaming system, etc.

Cell phones: Make sure the phone is not stolen or on a repayment plan. Check the terms of service for any additional conditions, such as no activation lock.

11.Get a babysitting job.

Everyone, from college students to recent retirees, can earn money by watching other people’s children. Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family are still effective, but you can also broaden your reach by creating a free profile on or Sittercity. Take note of any specialised talents, such as CPR certifications, to increase your marketability.

Total time: Online setup takes a few minutes, but neighbourhood referrals may take longer.
Setup takes only minutes.
How easy it is to get started: The most important thing is to spread the news.
If you use referrals, the age threshold is really low. 18+ online.
When the parents arrive home, you’ll get paid.
Need to know.
You may set up a profile on or Sittercity in a couple of minutes.

You are normally compensated when you complete your gig, whether through a service or directly from the customer.
You must be at least 18 to register as a carer on and Sittercity.

Clients can request a background check.

12. Become a private tutor.

Turn your math, science, foreign-language, or test-prep expertise into a lucrative side hustle by becoming a private tutor. You can tutor people both online and in person. What you charge can vary depending on your experience, expertise, and market demand. To get started, look up tutoring jobs on Craigslist or create a profile on websites like or You can also promote your services at local schools and community centres.

Total time varies depending on the subject content. Some companies may have a minimum weekly availability requirement.
The setup process can be time-consuming.
How easy it is to get started: Students will need to find you, which may take some time.
Age requirement: Any.
How quickly you’ll be paid: It depends on the platform; check the terms of service.

Start-up times vary based on local demand. It may take some time to get your first student.

If you have never tutored before, you should set aside time to prepare so that students feel they are getting the most out of their time with you.

The speed with which you are paid is determined by whether you tutor through a platform or in person; either way, it will most likely be swift.

You’ll require extensive knowledge in a subject that others need help comprehending, such as mathematics, a foreign language, or exam preparation.

Educational prerequisites may apply. Some tutors may be required to be actively enrolled in a four-year institution or to have earned a bachelor’s degree from an approved four-year university.

Watch out for making money frauds.
The internet is rife with possibilities to generate money online or from home, but many are dubious, if not plain fraudulent. Be careful of any “opportunity” that asks for an upfront cost, requires payment for certification, or requests your Social Security number or other financial information, such as your credit card number.

Still confused whether an opportunity is legitimate? Unfiltered reviews and complaints can be found on community platforms such as Reddit. Also, see if the company has a Better Business Bureau page. The BBB assigns ratings based on complaints, business transparency, and other criteria.

FAQs on Make Money Online

How can I make money online?

Explore various online platforms such as freelancing websites, online marketplaces, and affiliate marketing programs. Consider offering services or selling products that align with your skills and interests.

What are some offline ways to earn income?

Offline opportunities include traditional jobs, part-time work, and local services. Explore job openings in your community, consider gig work, or explore entrepreneurial ventures like starting a small business.

How can I make money from home?

Utilize remote work options, such as telecommuting or freelancing. Explore online job boards, remote job opportunities, and consider creating a home-based business or offering freelance services that can be conducted from the comfort of your home.

What are the best online platforms for freelancers?

Platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, and Freelancer are popular for freelancers. Explore these platforms to find opportunities in various fields, such as writing, graphic design, programming, and digital marketing.

How can I start a home-based business?

Identify your skills and interests, then research potential business ideas. Consider e-commerce, consulting, or offering a service. Create a business plan, establish an online presence, and explore marketing strategies to reach potential customers.

Are there legitimate ways to make money online without investment?

Yes, there are several legitimate ways to make money online without significant upfront investment. These may include freelance work, content creation, participating in online surveys, and affiliate marketing. Be cautious of scams and thoroughly research any opportunity.

What skills are in demand for online work?

Skills in demand for online work include digital marketing, programming, graphic design, writing, social media management, and virtual assistance. Identify your strengths and consider acquiring new skills through online courses to enhance your marketability.

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